Insolvency helpline

Specialist support for Voluntary and Community Organisations in financial crisis 

CFG, in partnership with NCVO and insolvency experts MacIntyre Hudson and PwC are working together to open up CFG’s insolvency helpline to provide support and benefit to the wider sector.

Many voluntary and community organisations are struggling financially at the moment, and if you’re one of them, you should get the right support as soon as possible. Seeking early expert advice combined with determination can avoid closure.

Insolvency – also known as bankruptcy – is a complicated topic that is best addressed by a technical specialist rather than standard certified accountants.  

Accessing timely expert advice is vital

With the right advice, organisations exploring insolvency may not be in danger of mounting liabilities and could have a number of options other than closure available.

If you are experiencing the following, it may be time to seek specialist advice:

• Mounting debts
• Less cash flow
• Rising income gaps
• Worries that you cannot keep doing more with less

There are no stupid questions and the right advice provided at the right time could have a substantial impact on your organisation’s future. So if you are not sure if insolvency applies to your organisation, please ask now!

The free Insolvency Helpline is available by calling direct to either :-


Ian Oakley-Smith:    020 7212 6023

MacIntyre Hudson

Peter Gotham:         020 7429 0500


Need to read more first? NCVO has online advice here:

How to recognise and avoid a financial crisis
How to manage a crisis
• How to test for insolvency

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