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Tuesday, 31 Jan 2012, 09:00 - 17:15


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This Conference is kindly sponsored by

Ecclesiastical   PKF    

We continue to live in challenging times.   The demand on our charities’ services grows, scrutiny of public institutions increases and the availability of funding is uncertain. In these difficult times it is inevitable that some charities will face real threats to their viability. A truly embedded risk process could tip the balance in favour of survival and indeed growth.

Good risk management can reduce the uncertainty of outcomes and identify opportunities for change. But what is ‘Good’ risk management? This conference will be trying to identify some of the characteristics that distinguish genuine, embedded risk management from merely ‘going through the paces’.

Your charity will look to its finance professionals for leadership on the risk issues. This means that you need to pro-actively identify the risks and the opportunities facing your organisation. The risk landscape gets more complex every year as new risks loom on the horizon such as those linked to online fundraising and terrorism and the anti-bribery legislation.  But, you will also need to help your charity in some of the broader risk areas, for example – due diligence and collaborative working, operating internationally and the good governance.

CFDG has brought all of these elements together in the 2012 Risk Conference.  The Conference is supported by the sponsors Accountants PKF(UK)LLP and Ecclesiastical Insurance and a number of exhibitors from specialist firms working with the voluntary sector – so during the breaks there will be ample opportunity to seek their views and those of your peers at the Conference.

We look forward to welcoming you to a day that is designed to give food for thought and practical advice.


• focus charities on the positive impact risk management can have
• share good practice, new developments and perspectives in risk management
• encourage increased dialogue in the sector about risk
• build lasting relationships between fellow professionals to develop their personal experiences and share ideas


In addition to the opportunity to discuss risk issues during the sessions, it will also be possible to continue conversations with peers and experts during breaks, or to browse through exhibition stands at the event.

Delegates are also invited to attend the reception at the close of the day – an excellent opportunity for informal discussion with colleagues on key messages from the day that you can take away and use in your day to day work.

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The Reception


Delegates attending the conference are invited to stay for the reception immediately following the end of the programme.

The reception provides the ideal opportunity to network with speakers and delegates at the end of the day.

The Exhibition

There will be an exhibition alongside the conference programme. Exhibitors working in a range of service areas will be available for delegates to meet, ask questions and share information.

The informal setting is an excellent opportunity to find products and service suppliers who can assist in tackling your charities' problems and who can help to make the management of your charity more efficient.

The conference timetable allows delegates plenty of opportunity to browse the exhibition and network during breaks.

The following companies are exhibiting at the 2012 Risk Conference:

Access Prepaid Worldwide - www.cashpassport.com
CCLA - www.ccla.co.uk
CFDG - www.cfdg.org.uk
Charity Property Help - www.rics.org/charitypropertyhelp
Crowe Clark Whitehill - www.croweclarkwhitehill.co.uk
Ecclesiastical - www.ecclesiastical.com/charity
Key Travel - www.keytravel.com
PKF (UK) LLP - www.pkf.co.uk
Sayer Vincent - www.sayervincent.co.uk
Travelex - www.travelex.co.uk


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09:00-09:30 Registration/Exhibition Open

09:30-09:45 CHAIR'S WELCOME

09:45-10:30 OPENING PLENARY 

James Bevan, CIO, CCLA 

James Bevan, respected economist and commentator, shares his insights into the economic outlook for charities, the risks for the sector, and how the current financial climate impacts on decisions for the management of money in today's charities.

10:30-11:10 SESSION 1

1A Bribery/Corruption

Bob Humphreys, F&IS Director, Oxfam

Bribery and corruption are some of the biggest obstacles to reducing poverty and improving good governance. As well as seeking to combat bribery in the countries where they work, NGOs have to prevent bribery in their own operations. The reputational impact of a   bribery prosecution, or even just an investigation, could be very damaging and   donors, not to mention the impact on the NGO’s ability to influence policy makers. Public concern about the impact of bribery and corruption is a critical issue in building support for aid and development. Bob Humphreys takes a look at the risks and considerations arising from Bribery Act 2010 and considerations for charities facing exposure to bribery and risks of corrupt practices.

1B The Enterprise Risk Management Journey 

Richard Archer, Enterprise Risk Manager, Wellcome Trust

Enterprise Risk Management is a risk-based approach to managing an enterprise, integrating concepts of internal control and strategic planning. ERM is on a journey; evolving to address the needs of stakeholders, helping them understand the wide ranging risks facing complex organisations and ensuring they are appropriately managed. Richard Archer will provide a candid insight into the Wellcome Trust's ERM journey, reporting on what they have learnt along the way and sharing his thoughts on aspects of the role of a risk committee.

11:10-11:30 BREAK & time to explore the exhibition

11:30-12:15 SESSION 2

2A FX Risk

Andrew Derry, Treasurer, Save the Children International

Many charities have started to review and improve their foreign exchange procurement practices which has, in the majority of cases, resulted in substantial material savings but the risks surrounding FX procurement are greater than just the exchange rate secured.  While the varied experiences of the different charities shows that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that can be adopted, this session will explore FX risks and provide useful lessons learned and steps that can be used by others.

2B Behavioral Biases in Investing

James Hoare, Head of Investment Risk, C Hoare & Co

Investors often describe their attitude to risk as being akin to walking on a thin and perilous wall. The steep drop on both sides is shrouded in the mists of uncertainty that surround income generation during uncertain times. Unable to peer through the fog, as an investor, I am exposed to two potential pitfalls. I can either adopt an ultra cautious approach that deprives me of acceptable returns or I can conversely expose myself to unacceptable losses by taking unnecessary risks. This presentation addresses how you find the optimum middle ground for your organisation. We will do this by firstly examining your own capacity and appetite for risk and secondly by unravelling the key behavioural biases that drive poor investment decisions.

12:15-13:00 PLENARY: 5 years on from a merger

David Webber, Operations Director, Livability

Back in 2007 we were privileged to hear from Livability's Mary Bishop following the merger of John Grooms and the Shaftsbury Society.  5 years post merger David Webber revisits the experience and shares the realities of merger, it's risks and challenges.  Whilst merger may well be the logical step for many charities and a desirable option in the eyes of government, what really happens during and after and what are the risks and realities of merger with the benefit of hindsight?

13:00-14:00 LUNCH & time to explore the exhibition

14:00-14:45 SESSION 3

3A Travel risks

Steve Summers, Chief Executive, Key Travel

Steve Summers, is Chief Executive Officer for Key Travel - a leading travel management company supplying the global humanitarian and NGO community. Steve's calls on his responsibility  for the development of Key Travel's ‘traveler welfare portfolio’, designed to help NGOs manage the safety and security of their travelling employees, to  share his thoughts on the requirements for charities when they send employees and volunteers abroad from a travel perspective. Taking a look at the risks and considerations.

3B The risks emerging from structural changes to charities

Phil Duffy, Underwriting Consultant, Ecclesiastical

With lots of mergers, etc taking place and probably more to come in the next few years, what kind of impact and risks do such structural changes bring to charities? Are there financial risks, insurance implications, reputational risks and how can charities minimise these.  Ecclesiastical, will provide examples from their in depth knowledge of the sector, shining a light on the risks emerging from structural change.

14:45-15:30 SESSION 4

4A Risk Based Governance

Richard Weighell, Partner, PKF(UK)LLP

The cause of many problems within organisations is often laid at the door of 'weak systems' and indeed this is often the immediate issue and presents a relatively easy fix. However weak systems often have underlying them much more complex embedded governance and behavioural issues. Without addressing these fundamental issues you are condemned to a fire-fighting approach to risk management. Richard Weighell will use examples from his many years of advising charities to help guide you through this complex area.

4B Online Fundraising Risks

James Tarleton, Head of Fundraising Finance & Kirit Naik, Head of Risk, British Red Cross

Marching towards greater and greater use of online tools to deliver fundraising solutions presents its own set of challenges and risks.  The British Red Cross explores the areas, calling on their experience of this developing aspect of modern fundraising.

15:30-15:50 BREAK & time to explore the exhibition

15:50-16:30 SESSION 5

5A PR Risk

Estelle McCartney, Associate Director, Champollion

Reputations are built over an extensive period and lost overnight.  Charities need to recognise and react decisively to emerging PR risks.  Estelle McCartney of Champollion, draw on her experience of working with many of the country’s best-known business leaders, entrepreneurs and charities, advising them on reputation management and stakeholder engagement in the public policy arena.

5B Linking reserves to risk strategies

John Graham, Deputy Director General, The Royal British Legion

We all know reserves are for a "rainy day" and, boy, is it raining?  But how many charities actively manage their reserves with enough of an eye on risk?  How many actively link their reserves policy to their risk management strategy?  John Graham will share his extensive experience and insight on the best ways to make sure that you use your reserves wisely; integrating them with your risk strategy - so don't just blow it on the first umbrella you see!

16:30-17:10 CLOSING PLENARY: Counter-Terrorism: risks and rewards

David Anderson QC, Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation

17:10-17:15 CHAIR'S CLOSE


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The Royal College of Surgeons of England, 35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields, LONDON, WC2A 3PE

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