We are always looking for Subscribers who can host events for us. This is an excellent opportunity to raise your profile with our members at relatively little cost to yourself. Our most frequent requirement is for venues for our Members' meetings in London. We normally get between 130 and 200 delegates for these meetings so you would need to be able to host at least 130 theatre-style for two and a half hours in the afternoon with the usual AV requirements, followed by a reception with wine and canapés.

To host one of our regional Members’ meetings you would need to accommodate around 30-50 delegates, and provide a light lunch before the afternoon presentations. We typically hold regional meetings in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Cardiff and Bristol.

As a rule we make a point of ensuring that the host of an event is not connected to the theme and does not provide speakers at the event they host. This means that our members can be confident that all speakers are selected on merit rather than because of sponsorship.

We do also look for smaller venues both in London and in the regions so if you are interested in hosting a CFG event please do get in touch and let us know what facilities you can offer.

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