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Charity Finance Group has very close links with a wide range of experts from companies such as accountants, lawyers, banks and IT firms. We rely on our corporate partners (we call them Subscribers) to help us provide our members with guidance and expertise in the form of documents for our website, speakers for meetings and conferences, help with publications and training courses. By their sponsorship of events our Subscribers also enable us to maintain our consistently low prices.

CFG does not explicitly endorse any of its subscriber companies but endeavours to have a variety of companies both large and small in all business areas that are of relevance to our members. We recommend that members use the profiles provided by our subscribers to help select those companies that might be right for them. In our publications and events we provide members with the tools to help them make informed decisions about which professional advisers and suppliers to use. If you want more information about our relations with our subscribers please do not hesitate to contact us.

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